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LaunchNotes was built by three people who have collectively spent over 25 years in the software industry. In this time, the three of us have been on almost every side of the software development process: Engineering, Support, Marketing, Growth, and Sales.

Through these various lenses, we've seen firsthand that building successful products takes far more than just fast delivery times and increased uptime. More code into the hands of customers is a fantastic outcome, but not at the cost of a subpar customer experience.

We built LaunchNotes to enable entire organizations to move at the same speed as their dev teams, no matter how fast those teams may be shipping software. Imagine the elevated user experience when entire organizations move synchronously together, at speed. When every team across the business has the information they need to regularly surprise and delight customers.

LaunchNotes delivers a solution that helps organizations do exactly this. It provides the right updates to the right people at the right time so that no one, internally or externally, is ever surprised by product changes, and everyone gets the full intended value out of every release.

Questions? Thoughts? Feedback? Just want to talk shop? We'd love to hear from you anytime: hey[at]launchnotes.io. Want to see LaunchNotes in action? Check out our team's public release stream: updates.launchnotes.io.

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The team behind LaunchNotes

Tyler Davis



Having sat on both sides of the aisle (sales / marketing and product / engineering), Tyler has seen first-hand how challenging it can be to find a common ground where everyone can speak about technology effectively. He's incredibly passionate learning how teams at scale are working together to build better customer experiences.

Tony Ramirez



Tony has worn all the hats at hardware and software companies over the last 8 years. He loves working on and seeing software products solve human problems. Working on LaunchNotes he gets to see and do this every day. Get in touch - tony[at]launchnotes.io

Jake Brereton



Jake has spent over a decade building and scaling GTM teams and acquisition engines, from startups to publicly traded companies. As Head of Marketing for Jira at Atlassian, his team supported 30+ PMs and their respective workstreams. Over time, with the increase in speed and volume of software being shipped, staying ahead of the curve on release comms became nearly impossible. When the opportunity to be a part of the solution arose, he seized it.

Our advisors

We're fortunate to have the support and guidance of some of the industry's best.

Matt Hodges

VP Marketing, Loom


Al Lieb

Co-Founder of Evite, ClearSlide, & Gixo


Dan Chuparkoff

Head of Product, McKinsey & Company


Matt Ryall

Head of Product, DevOps, Atlassian