Why I joined LaunchNotes

Dan Funaki
February 1, 2021

Hi there! 👋🏼

I'm Dan, and I'm excited to be joining the LaunchNotes team as their newest software engineer.

What excites me most about joining LaunchNotes is the opportunity to work on an innovative product with a group of talented teammates with years of experience.

A little bit more about me...

First of all, I’m hooked on startups! I've been an early-stage developer for most of my career and have worked in a number of different industries, including: auto, finance, marketing, insurance, logistics, and healthcare. What keeps me coming back for more? I love taking bold ideas, building things from the ground up, and getting an opportunity to learn and work with forward thinkers that are challenging a specific industry. The best startups allow me to do all of these things, and more!

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, and am currently traversing the country with my wife and dog as a digital nomad. After spending a few years on the West coast, we're now making our way back to the East Coast. We both enjoy searching for adventures, and this trip is allowing us to do plenty of that.

So what attracted me to LaunchNotes?

Throughout my journey in the software development field, I’ve noticed it’s inevitable that at some point in every project someone at the organization (be it in marketing, operations, or even other developers) would ask a member of the engineering team when Feature X was going to be complete. Over time I realized this question almost always came as the result of the product or marketing team needing to schedule some outbound comms. Granting this person access to our software tracking system was never a great solution, as it usually breached security in some way. And the same was certainly true for our code repositories.

Given these constraints, many developers I worked with would engage in the weekly chore of digging through their commit history to figure out which features or bugs had been released that the rest of the business might need to know about. They would then send an email to a project manager of some kind, and the project manager would collect, combine, and format these lists before generating and sending yet another email to additional stakeholders.

This messy process was often exacerbated by three additional issues:

  • There was no centralized place for team members to collaborate on roadmaps and upcoming product launches. Instead, teams always ended up passing around Google Docs or using an internal wiki to stay coordinated.
  • Since all communication was occurring in email chains, it was impossible for marketing to collaborate on creating a great launch. Everyone was getting different information about different things at different times, and each email thread had 50 people cc'd on it.
  • There was little to no transparency throughout the process. As such, tracking the success of any launch activity was nearly impossible, and knowing what was actually announced, and if it had an impact, involved a marketing analyst or someone to do a time-consuming deep dive.

Operations like this never seemed to last long and always resulted in lots of frustrated stakeholders. Furthermore, the impact of having a process like this in place would always fizzle, as there was no way for the signal to cut through the noise and everyone ultimately just tuned out. It was a mess.

At LaunchNotes I am now very happy to be a part of the solution to this problem, and deliver a product that can bring harmony to your product release and announcement process. This team is laser focused on streamlining a product’s launch journey, and building a single home for everyone to see and celebrate product updates and announcements.

If you're one of the many teams out there currently struggling with a smooth comms process around your releases, I recommend that you relax, just like this guy, because LaunchNotes has you covered :)

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