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LaunchNotes release pages

Hosted LaunchNotes Page

Give your launch blog, 'what's new' page, and release notes a single home
Craft beautiful announcements that educate and excite users about every release. A rich text editor and customizable HTML and CSS ensure every detail of your announcements are engaging and on brand.


Let your users subscribe to the updates they care about, and ignore ones they don't
Categories are the guaranteed way to ensure each of your announcements are all signal and no noise, as users will only receive updates on the work they care about and that's relevant to them.
LaunchNotes categories
LaunchNotes custom views

Custom Views

Custom views to showcase what's shipped, tease what's coming, and more
Help users find every piece of relevant info about any product change: past, present, or future. Uncomfortable sharing your roadmap? Use custom views to segment launch info any way you'd like.

Email announcements

All the benefits of email, none of the cost or overhead of an email platform
The days of needing an email provider to create one-off email announcements are over. LaunchNotes turns every announcement into a beautiful, custom email, then delivers it to relevant subscribers.
LaunchNotes notifications
LaunchNotes slack notifications

Slack Announcements

Conveniently reach your users where they already live and work
Because so many people spend most of their day in Slack, LaunchNotes turns each announcement into a dedicated Slack message and can deliver it to your users directly in their Slack instance.

Embedded widget

Broadcast announcements and updates everywhere with an embeddable widget
Whether it's embedded in your app, on your login page, or anywhere across your marketing site, whenever you hit publish on an announcement or update you know it's reaching far and wide.
LaunchNotes widget
LaunchNotes analytics

Launch Analytics

Analytics to finally answer the question: "was the launch successful"?
With real-time launch analytics at your fingertips, you'll be able to close the loop with internal stakeholders and definitively answer the question: "was this launch successful?" No analyst required.
* coming soon

Social Announcements

Share announcements and updates on every social channel from a single place
Ditch the clunky social media tools and finally give your social strategy the time and attention it deserves. In LaunchNotes, social sharing is a key component of every announcement workflow.
* coming soon
LaunchNotes social publishing
Make every touch point engaging and on brand

Full Customization, From End-To-End

Everything you do is a reflection of your company's unique brand and voice, and LaunchNotes was built to be a natural extension of both

Basic Customization

Your colors, fonts, logo, domain, and more
LaunchNotes comes ready, out-of-the-box, to become a natural extension of your company's unique brand and voice.
LaunchNotes customization

Branded Emails

Email templates that match your own
Customize your email template once, connect it to your email domain, and LaunchNotes will ensure every announcement looks perfect.

Advanced Customization

A branded experience, down to the last pixel
Full access to the HTML and CSS of your LaunchNotes page ensures complete and total consistency, down to the last pixel.
LaunchNotes html customization
the launch platform that scales with you

Fully Extensible And Enterprise-Ready

Regardless of your size and scale, we have the security and privacy best practices in place to ensure your data is safe and secure
Role-based access controls
Ready to scale with role-based access controls
Multiple permission levels provide the right level of access to the right people. Admin, edit, and view permissions facilitate collaboration without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

SAML / Single Sign-on

Integrates with your identity provider
Require team members to authenticate via your preferred single sign-on identity provider to ensure every login is safe and secure.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Ensure your updates are surfaced anywhere, internally or externally
SEO Controls
Configure meta titles, share images, page descriptions, and more
Open Graph Controls
Configure what headers, body, and images are used on social channels
Launch Scheduling
Schedule your announcements to go live at a certain date and time

Drive 3x engagement on your next launch

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