Keep everyone in the loop

It's hard keeping everyone at the company up to speed. Give people at your company a dedicated place to view and be notified the changes that are coming up.

Coordinate early

Releases are more impactful when stakeholders are brought into the fold early. LaunchNotes gives internal  teams a dedicated home for all upcoming product change, meaning teams will finally have enough time to sharpen launch messaging, update support docs, create  sales enablement materials, and so on.

Make status updates once

Stop the endless stream of Slack messages and emails asking you for an update on what's shipping when and what your teams are working on. Make updates on the status of work one time in LaunchNotes and let it do the work of ensuring every necessary stakeholder is notified.

Measure impact

Drive feature adoption and engagement by knowing your updates are reaching the right audience. Easily measure impact by seeing how many customers receive each update.

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